Pancake Tuesday Vegan baby led weaning

Flipping Delicious Vegan Pancakes (UK / Irish style)

For this vegan pancake I wanted something as close as possible to the traditional pancake batter my Dad used to make on Shrove Tuesday, and something…

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easy chana masala vegan gluten free tomato chickpea curry in less than 30 minutes

Easy Peasy Chana Masala

The first time I ate a curry was in my early twenties. However I have made up for lost time and order Chana Masala almost every time I go out for or…

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Smoothie with Beetroot, Raspberry and Mint

"Remember smoothies with fruit in them?" said Dave, as he bounced the giggling baby up and down on his knee. I held both my hands out, wrists…

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Vegan Stuffing with Quinoa and Kale / Vegan Mofo

  I have always preferred the stuffing over the bird. My mam makes delicious stuffing full of onions and I could eat a whole plate of it…

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vegan pasta shells tofu ricotta

Tofu Ricotta Vegan Pasta Shells with Red Sauce

Today's Vegan Mofo prompt is "far away" - if you dug straight down, where would you come out? Italy is almost straight down from Berlin and that's…

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