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Do you plan your meals? I started about two years ago when I was pregnant: I was barely able to keep anything down but knew that if I let my stomach get empty the nausea would be worse. I also suffered from heartburn so was trying to find meals that are low in acid. Not a very auspicious beginning, but by now I plan my meals every week. Aswell as helping me spend less on food and cut down on waste, it also makes me less likely to have a bar of chocolate for dinner.

I’ve been wanting to draw a meal planner to hang in the kitchen for a while and recently, thanks to one sleepy toddler, I finally did. I scanned it and did a few test prints in colour and they all turned out fine. It has already led to many delicious meals on the table!

About and how to use:

This eye-catching meal planner is simple and flexible, free and printable, and will last for ages. After lots of experimentation, this is the format that works best for me: one meal a day and flexible should a take-away happen. And with lots of drawings! Print it out on A4 paper and hang it in your kitchen. Write the name of the meal on a small post-it note (I use the “sticky flags” that are used to annotate books) and stick it on the box for the relevant day. You can move meals around from one day to another or even scrap one altogether should said take-away materialise. If more than one person does the cooking each person could have a post-it colour just for them. If you like it and want to donate, you can do so here:

Let me know how you get on with it!

Meal Planner:

Meal Planner

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